s6-linux-init without virtual consoles

From: <esben_at_geanix.com>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 12:20:16 +0200


Currently, there is an unconditional attempt to open /dev/tty0 in
src/init/s6-linux-init.c:kbspecials(), and when running on systems
without CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE enabled, that causes a warning message to be
printed out.

s6-linux-init: warning: unable to open /dev/tty0 (kbrequest will not be handled): No such file or directory

While that might make sense when the system is expected to have a
/dev/tty0 device, it is kind of messy to see that on systems that is not
supposed to have /dev/tty0.

Can we do something?

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