Issue with s6-rc-update

From: Paul Sopka <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2024 00:17:12 +0200

Good evening everyone

I am currently working on implementing s6/s6-rc policy, scripts and
services for Gentoo.

For a user supervision tree I have set up:

/run/${USER}/service    as the scandir
/run/${USER}/s6-rc        as the livedir

I have multiple user daemons running successfully.

Now i want to update the db, thus I run:

s6-rc-update -v3 -l /run/${USER}/s6-rc /path/to/new/db

But the command fails to update the symlink at "/run/${USER}/s6-rc".

Thus erroring out with:

s6-rc-update: fatal: unable to make new live directory in
/run/${USER}/s6-rc:s6-rc-update:HgP5A0: No such file or directory

Where "...HgP5A0" is the old livedir, that is now gone, yet the symlink
is still pointing at it.

The new livedir folder ist created but still empty, which makes sense,
since "s6-rc-update: fatal: unable to make new live directory..."

What am I doing wrong?


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