Re: Issue with s6-rc-update

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2024 23:28:16 +0000

>s6-rc-update: fatal: unable to make new live directory in /run/${USER}/s6-rc:s6-rc-update:HgP5A0: No such file or directory
>Where "...HgP5A0" is the old livedir, that is now gone, yet the symlink is still pointing at it.

  Hi Paul,

  This tells us that something went wrong in making the new livedir or
migrating the old one to the new one. It is weird that your old
livedir is gone: the migration is atomic, so if the symlink fails to
update, the old livedir should not be deleted. It is possible that you
have uncovered a bug in s6-rc-update.

  Can you strace -v -s256 your invocation of s6-rc-update, pastebin the
result, and give us a link? This will show exactly what is failing.


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