The s6-rc-init program

s6-rc-init is an initialization tool for the s6-rc system. It must be run as root, at boot time, prior to any invocation of the s6-rc binary.


     s6-rc-init [ -c compiled ] [ -l live ] [ -p prefix ] [ -t timeout ] [ -b ] [ -d ] scandir


Typical usage

Administrators should invoke s6-rc-init once, in their early boot scripts, after s6-svscan is functional and ready to supervise longrun services (and after its catch-all logger, if any, has started), but before any other initialization. (The rest of the initialization can be written as a set of s6-rc services, and performed by just one invocation of the s6-rc change command.)

For instance, when using an init created by s6-linux-init, s6-rc-init should be the first command in the stage2 (by default /etc/rc.init) script.