What is it ?

s6-linux-init is a set of minimalistic tools to create a s6-based init system, including a /sbin/init binary, on a Linux kernel.

s6-linux-init is meant to automate creation of scripts revolving around the use of other tools, especially s6, in order to provide a complete booting environment with integrated supervision and logging without having to hand-craft all the details.

Please read the documentation for the s6-linux-init-maker program carefully, but if you're impatient, you can also read this quickstart guide, which includes a small FAQ.



When you build s6-linux-init, the s6-linux-init-maker tool is created (as well as the shutdown commands); then you run that tool to create an init script, and then you can boot your system on that init script.

skalibs is a build-time dependency. If you are linking binaries against the shared version of the skalibs library, it also becomes a run-time and boot-time dependency.
All the other listed packages are boot-time dependencies only.


s6-linux-init is free software. It is available under the ISC license.



Upgrade notes



All these commands exit 111 if they encounter a temporary error, and 100 if they encounter a permanent error - such as a misuse.

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