[announce] skarnet.org March 2019 release

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2019 13:04:07 +0000


  New versions of all the skarnet.org packages are available.
(This concerns only software that already has a numbered release.
Packages that are git-only because they are not complete enough
to warrant an initial release yet, such as bcnm, have been updated
in git, but are not mentioned here.)

  * General

  - Static libraries, as well as executables, are now made of position-
independent code by default. The --disable-all-pic configure option
can be used to turn off that behaviour.

  * skalibs-

  This is a major version release of skalibs, so compatibility with
previous versions is not guaranteed. Make sure to upgrade the rest
of the skarnet.org stack at the same time to avoid build failures.

  - Bugfixes.

  - The avltreeb_* family of macros have been removed. (They were
only usable with GNU C, not pure C99.) A new macro has been added
to declare a tree and its storage at the same time.

  - The mkdir_unique() function has been removed. It was duplicating
the functionality of the libc's mkdtemp().

  - New functions: env_dump(), autosurf(), autosurf_name(), and
the mk?temp() family of functions that work on the same model as
mkstemp() and mkdtemp().

  - New header: skalibs/posixishard.h to gather workarounds for various
OSes' failures to respect POSIX. It's meant to be included *after*
system headers, whereas skalibs/nonposix.h, which activates OSes'
extensions and idiosyncrasies, is meant to be included *before* system

  - The ancilautoclose and nbwaitall sysdeps have been removed.
(ancilautoclose was always false; nbwaitall was not useful.)


  * nsss-

  - Bugfixes.

  - Compatibility with skalibs-


  * execline-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-

  - New command: envfile.


  * utmps-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-


  * mdevd-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-


  * s6-portable-utils-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-


  * s6-linux-utils-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-

  - Build fixes with clang.


  * s6-dns-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-


  * s6-

  This is a major version release of s6. It is recommended to first stop
all your s6 services, then upgrade, then immediately restart your
supervision tree, then start your services again. Failure to do so
*will* cause issues if you're relying on s6-ftrigrd notifications
(which is the case, for instance, with services managed by s6-rc).

  - Bugfixes.

  - Compatibility with skalibs-

  - s6-log now uses a default line limit of 8kB, instead of having
unlimited lines by default.

  - s6-log can now notify readiness.

  - In the accessrules library: checking uid+gid credentials now checks
the "uid/self" key if the client and server have the same euid, and
the "gid/self" key if the client and server have the same egid.
This means, for instance, that it's now possible to define
s6-ipcserver-access rules that only apply when the client runs with
the same credentials as the server.


  * s6-rc-

  This is a major version release of s6-rc, but the compiled database
format does not change. It is not necessary to recompile your source
databases. However, it is necessary to stop all services before
upgrading s6 (else the down notifications will not be
received and the s6-rc -d change command will hang.) I recommend
to switch to single-user mode, then upgrade s6, then restart the
supervision tree (or reboot), then restart the s6-rc services,
in order to avoid all problems.

  - Bugfixes.

  - Compatibility with skalibs- and s6-

  - s6-rc-compile does not support the -u or -g options anymore.
The user who can run s6-rc on a livedir is now *always* the user
who owns the supervision tree that this livedir uses.


  * s6-networking-

  - Bugfixes.

  - Compatibility with skalibs-


  * s6-linux-init-

  - Compatibility with skalibs-

  - A major version release of s6-linux-init is in preparation, but
requires more work. It will come at some point this month; I didn't
want it to delay all the other releases, so is only
here to bridge the gap.


  Bug-reports welcome.

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