Re: Update: rpm package for tipidee

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2024 16:54:02 +0000

>1. example/s6/httpd-4/run script. In this script, it use 's6-tcpserver -v2 -1 -U -c 512 -- $ip 80’, but -v2 is not
>a valid options for s6-tcpserver. After change -v2 to -v, s6-tcpserver works.

  Whoops, I'll change that, thanks.

>2. example/s6/httpd-4/log/run script. Here the problem is that user wwwlog can’t create '/var/log/httpd-4’
>directory, because there is no write permission. The simple fix is to create '/var/log/httpd-4’ directory before install.

  Yes, that is well-known; every packager would create the relevant
directory in the packaging script. That's what I do in the APKBUILDs
for Alpine and Adélie, for instance. (I would link them to help you,
but they haven't been merged yet. I hope they'll be merged soon.)

>3. Domain name ‘ <>' used in https-4/run script is a valid domain name, which can't be bind
>by s6-tcpserver-socketbinder. My fix: change it to localhost. is explicitly reserved for people to use as examples!
The example run scripts aren't supposed to be used as is, they're
supposed to be edited by the person who copies them. It is implicit
that is going to be changed to the real domain being

  Thanks for the report!

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