Update: rpm package for tipidee

From: qi wang <ericwq057_at_qq.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:14:56 +0800


The rpm package for tipidee is almost ready. I packaged a separated tipidee-s6-example package,
which depends on tipidee package. tipidee-s6-example package setup a web server based on
example/s6/ in tipidee source code. I want to mention that there might be 3 small problem in example/s6.

1. example/s6/httpd-4/run script. In this script, it use 's6-tcpserver -v2 -1 -U -c 512 -- $ip 80’, but -v2 is not
a valid options for s6-tcpserver. After change -v2 to -v, s6-tcpserver works.

2. example/s6/httpd-4/log/run script. Here the problem is that user wwwlog can’t create '/var/log/httpd-4’
directory, because there is no write permission. The simple fix is to create '/var/log/httpd-4’ directory before install.

3. Domain name ‘example.com <http://example.com/>' used in https-4/run script is a valid domain name, which can't be bind
by s6-tcpserver-socketbinder. My fix: change it to localhost.

By fix the above problem, I got the web server content————————:

[packager_at_rpm-builder ~]$ curl http://localhost
<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>From tipidee-s6-example package</h1>
<p>hello tipidee!</p>

[packager_at_rpm-builder ~]$

Here is the rpm package information————————————————:

[packager_at_rpm-builder ~]$ rpm -qi ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/tipidee-s6-example-
Name : tipidee-s6-example
Version :
Release : 1.fc39
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: (not installed)
Group : System/Base
Size : 4897
License : ISC
Signature : (none)
Source RPM : tipidee-
Build Date : Fri Apr 19 23:19:57 2024
Build Host : rpm-builder
URL : https://skarnet.org/software/tipidee
Summary : example tipidee configured as s6 service for http(s) and ivp(4|6).
Description :
This package contains example configuration for tipidee.

configuration: /var/lib/s6/tipidee
document root: /home/www
tipidee log : /var/log/tipidee
[packager_at_rpm-builder ~]$

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