Re: Update: s6 and utmps rpm package

From: qi wang <>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 06:06:56 +0800

> tipidee would be a good one. I plan to release tipidee- very soon
> and have an Alpine package for it early next week, if you want to have
> example scripts.

Sure, I can wait tipidee.

>> So, is s6-rc a good candidate for rpm package? I am preparing to build s6-rc package in next few days.
> Having a s6-rc package won't hurt. I'm not sure it would be useful,
> because there's no point in having an alternative service manager when you
> already have systemd, but it's not doing any harm.

I can package s6-rc. If we choose yum/dnf repo to release this pacakages, there is
no problem, If we choose to submit package to fedora, I guess they will refuse
it because service manager conflict.
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