Update: s6 and utmps rpm package

From: <ericwq057_at_qq.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2024 11:51:21 +0800

First, S6 rpm package is ready now. s6-svscan works as a systemd service process.
The scan directory: /var/lib/s6/service, is monitored by rpm file triggers. Logs is stored
in journald. s6-svscan is enabled after installation.

Second, for utmps rpm package, there are several options:
1. Run btmpd, utmpd, wtmpd as s6 service. But this option will add s6 as extra dependency.

2. Run btmpd, utmpd, wtmpd as systemd service. The dependency is minimal. Only
depends on s6-ipcserver.

3. Run btmpd, utmpd, wtmpd as s6-rc service. Add two more dependencies: s6 and s6-rc.

Any suggestion?
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