Re: [PATCH] s6-tlsserver: actually pass on -Y to s6-tlsd

From: Alexis <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2023 16:12:01 +1000

"Laurent Bercot" <> writes:

> And yes, you may well be the first to use it. It's uncommon
> that a
> server requires a client certificate - generally only people
> with a
> serious PKI setup bother with this, which means big orgs, and
> those
> haven't switched to s6-tlsserver yet. ;)

Use of client certificates is more common in geminispace:

> Gemini mandates the use of TLS encryption. It even provides a
> way for servers to request a client certificate for clients,
> which is a way to establish a "session" of requests. This
> allows developing simple, textual applications where all the
> state is maintained server-side without relying on fragile
> mechanisms like binding sessions to IP addresses.

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