Re: [PATCH] s6-tlsserver: actually pass on -Y to s6-tlsd

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2023 20:02:10 +0000

>The -Y flag was being treated as if it means the default of not asking
>for a client cert.

  Thanks! Applied with a slightly different style.

  I should really have used a different name for the optional client
certificate. As is, -Y/-y is asymmetrical between s6-tlsc and s6-tlsd,
and that's ugly (and the reason for the bug, because I copied the
template for s6-tlsserver from s6-tlsclient and failed to fix the -Y

  And yes, you may well be the first to use it. It's uncommon that a
server requires a client certificate - generally only people with a
serious PKI setup bother with this, which means big orgs, and those
haven't switched to s6-tlsserver yet. ;)

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