Re: [s6-dns] is there a particular reason skadns_packet would return NULL errno ENETUNREACH?

From: Amelia Bjornsdottir <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2022 22:21:02 +0000

It seems like on both Shaw's and Vultr's network I can hammer the cache
all day with s6-dnsip[46]-filter. I send 13 requests, I get 13
responses. Read more at <>

On 10/10/22 22:07, Laurent Bercot wrote:
>> Anyway. Pre-update `/package/web/s6-dns/command/s6-dnsip[46]
>>` returns the correct response on both
>> machines, even if run after doing the SRV and MX lookups.
>  Wilder and wilder. Can you test s6-dnsip[46]-filter?
> { echo ; echo ; ... } | s6-dnsip4-filter
> These do A and AAAA queries, but via skadns. If skadnsd is the culprit,
> the -filter programs should fail.
>> (side note: I'm realizing that my program makes duplicate queries.
>> This shouldn't impact the accuracy of the responses, but it does mean
>> the caches could be blocking me or something, but not blocking me
>> when I use /package/web/s6-dns/command/s6-dnsip[46].)
>  Could be. We're trying to build a simple test case that fails. If our
> simple test cases all pass and your program fails, the cause may be in
> the way your program is spamming the cache - but you'd have to ask the
> cache administrators about querying policies to test that hypothesis.
> --
>  Laurent
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