Re: [s6-dns] is there a particular reason skadns_packet would return NULL errno ENETUNREACH?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2022 22:07:03 +0000

>Anyway. Pre-update `/package/web/s6-dns/command/s6-dnsip[46]` returns the correct response on both machines, even if run after doing the SRV and MX lookups.

  Wilder and wilder. Can you test s6-dnsip[46]-filter?
{ echo ; echo ; ... } | s6-dnsip4-filter
These do A and AAAA queries, but via skadns. If skadnsd is the culprit,
the -filter programs should fail.

>(side note: I'm realizing that my program makes duplicate queries. This shouldn't impact the accuracy of the responses, but it does mean the caches could be blocking me or something, but not blocking me when I use /package/web/s6-dns/command/s6-dnsip[46].)

  Could be. We're trying to build a simple test case that fails. If our
simple test cases all pass and your program fails, the cause may be in
the way your program is spamming the cache - but you'd have to ask the
cache administrators about querying policies to test that hypothesis.

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