Re: multiple scandir and rc database

From: Eric Vidal <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 20:17:41 +0400

> > note : I think, you will have this trouble on a lot of
> > distribution. you have importas program which do the same thing as
> > import program, so perhaps you can remove the import program?!?
> Oh really? How about you write to the ImageMagick maintainers and
> suggest *them* to remove *their* import program? They wouldn't react well,
> would they? What made you think I would react any better?

you have totally right, sorry for this stupid suggestion, it was not my intention of offended you

> The problem is bigger than just "import". The problem is that there's no
> global database of command names, and if you attempt to build a distro,
> that is a problem that *you* need to fix. I suggested you the real, working
> fix: slashpackage. You did not want it; fine, but then I'm not going to
> modify my software to work around your problems.

again you have right, i see the trouble here not only with your software, perhaps it's time to me to make a difference between what i share and archlinux.

Thanks and sorry again if i offended you

Eric Vidal <>
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