Re: multiple scandir and rc database

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 17:56:46 +0200

On 13/06/2016 16:50, Eric Vidal wrote:

> I totaly agree with you but i do not have the choice, you import
> program is in conflict with import from imagemagick. So, under
> Archlinux system (i'm based on it) the bin directory is a symlinks to
> /usr/bin.

  You totally have the choice. Install it with slashpackage, install it into
/opt, install it anywhere BUT /usr/local. You are the distributor, you choose
the policy; if you're tied to the Arch Linux choices, then you'll run into
way more trouble than this.

> note : I think, you will have this trouble on a lot of
> distribution. you have importas program which do the same thing as
> import program, so perhaps you can remove the import program?!?

  Oh really? How about you write to the ImageMagick maintainers and
suggest *them* to remove *their* import program? They wouldn't react well,
would they? What made you think I would react any better?

  The problem is bigger than just "import". The problem is that there's no
global database of command names, and if you attempt to build a distro,
that is a problem that *you* need to fix. I suggested you the real, working
fix: slashpackage. You did not want it; fine, but then I'm not going to
modify my software to work around your problems.

> my fault,it is not a down file but a finish file, type syntax error
> here :)

  A finish script won't be of any use either. By the time your finish
script runs, s6-svscan is already dead. What kills it is the SIGTERM
that happens when s6-rc decides to bring down the service.

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