Re: switch_root

From: Roy Lanek <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 23:51:30 +0700

> have *musl-gcc'ed* a trimmed down (no --help, --version and the
> like, just brutal panics) switch_root.c [...] Not yet tried it

Update: tried it, and it works (for me, at the least), indeed I am
using it right now.

I have used a source util-linux-2.21.2.tar.xz (slackware). I
still have to improve it and, given that I will be alone in using
and maintaining it, do some essential pretty-printing (the
*original style* making me sick). Anyway, the size`is 28K (I am
using musl's mount, etc.); and the one of initramfs.cpio.gz
(which I will next include in the kernel directly) is eventually


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