Re: switch_root

From: Roy Lanek <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:58:31 +0700

> This mount has a lot of misc functionality

Certainly, I have *musl-gcc'ed* a trimmed down (no --help,
--version and the like, just brutal panics) switch_root.c as a
kind of *concept proof* a couple of days ago, similarly. (Not yet
tried it, still have to continue modifying it; it has been some
first and dirty musl-gcc exercise essentially.)

> At this point I am feeling compelled to ask you *why* you are
> using an initramfs.

Let's say that I have my own disk- and filesystem layout
encrypted (here and there ... work in progress), and requiring to
enter a password for continuing booting. Also I don't use
anything (strictly speaking) *similar* to your init stages.


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