The s6-permafailon program

s6-permafailon is a program that is meant to be used in the ./finish script of a service directory supervised by s6-supervise. When used, it reads and analyses the death tally of a service (i.e. the recent process death events that happened), and if the death tally matches a given pattern, it causes permanent failure of the service, i.e. it tells the supervisor not to try and restart it.


     s6-permafailon secs deathcount events prog...

events is a comma-separated list of events. An event can be one of the following:



s6-permafailon 60 5 1,101-103,SIGSEGV,SIGBUS prog... will exit 125 if the service has died 5 times in the last 60 seconds with an exit code of 1, 101, 102 or 103, a SIGSEGV or a SIGBUS. Else it will chainload into the prog... command line.