The s6-rc-format-upgrade program

s6-rc-format-upgrade is a program that is normally used very rarely: when the s6-rc package is upgraded, some services are currently managed with s6-rc, and the database format has changed. This program transitions a live directory using a database with the old s6-rc format (the one being replaced) so that it uses a database with the new s6-rc format.

The point is to ensure a smooth transition between different versions of s6-rc without needing a reboot.

s6-rc-format-upgrade is very different from s6-rc-update and does not duplicate its functionality:


     s6-rc-format-upgrade [ -v verbosity ] [ -l live ] [ -t timeout ] [ -b ] newcompiled


Typical usage

s6-rc-format-upgrade is only necessary when the database format changes, which only happens when s6-rc's major version number (the third number from the right) changes. The correct order of operations is then the following: