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From: ImNotPC <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2024 08:22:12 -0400

On 4/7/24 07:25, Laurent Bercot wrote:
>> I'm building a Linux system based on musl and Busybox. I'm
>> considering using s6/s6-rc as an init/supervision system. I see there
>> are good docs on all the programs, but I can't find an
>> example of a working configuration that puts them together. Is there
>> an example available somewhere?
>  In addition to everything that has been said, you could check out
> lh-bootstrap.
>  It's a tool I use to build a complete VM using musl, busybox and
> utilities from scratch, so I can test it under qemu. The layout of the
> filesystem there should give you an idea of how I intend the whole thing
> to be used. ;)
> --
>  Laurent
Hmmm... it appears lh-bootstrap already does most of what I'm trying to
achieve. I was probably going to use a simple runit configuration
because the s6 universe seemed to complex for me to figure out in a
reasonable amount of time. I haven't dug into it yet so I don't know if
I can use the tool itself to build my system, but building a working
example gives me everything I need to see how things go together.
Thanks, you've all been very helpful!

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