s6-rc user services on Gentoo

From: Alexis <flexibeast_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2024 15:42:06 +1100

Hi all,

Laurent has suggested i ask on IRC about this, but since (a) i'm
in UTC+10, (b) i'm constantly moving between a few different
networks, and (c) my bouncer is currently out of action (it's a
Story), i thought i'd ask on these lists instead, to facilitate
asynchronous replies. :-)

When i was on Void, a few years ago, i used s6+66 in place of
runit. Since moving to Gentoo, i've been using OpenRC.

OpenRC currently doesn't have user services. They're gradually
being worked on:


but the current state of things is that the contributor is
rewriting the PR:


i've had a lot on my plate for a while, but in more recent times
i've had a bit more space to faff around with lower-priority
stuff, and so i'm exploring setting up s6-rc to manage the user
services i need. Once i've done so, i can:

* write a guide on the Gentoo wiki[a]; and

* provide service definitions for others to use via my personal

which might help more people to become familiar with the s6
ecosystem in general, and with s6-rc in particular (rather than
trying to use s6 for service management as well as supervision).

However, i've reached an impasse, and i'm hoping some can tell me
what i'm missing / what i'm doing wrong / what i'm

Here's the situation:


* The above directory contains two service directories:
** dbus-session-bus/, containing:
*** type: longrun
*** notification-fd: 3
*** producer-for: dbus-session-bus-log
*** run:
    #!/usr/bin/execlineb -P
    importas HOME HOME
    redirfd -w 4 ${HOME}/.env.d/DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
    dbus-daemon --session --fork --nopidfile --print-address=4
*** finish:
    #!/usr/bin/execlineb -P
    importas HOME HOME
** dbus-session-bus-log/, containing:
*** type: longrun
*** notification-fd: 3
*** consumer-for: dbus-session-bus
*** pipeline-name: dbus-session-bus-pipeline
*** run:
    #!/usr/bin/execlineb -P
    importas HOME HOME
    exec -c
    s6-log -d3 -- t ${HOME}/.logs/s6-rc-services/dbus-session-bus

* SCANDIR="${XDG_DATA_HOME}/s6-rc/services"

* The above directory contains symlinks to


* S6RC_COMPILED="${XDG_STATE_HOME}/s6-rc/compiled"

* Running:

  s6-rc-compile "${S6RC_COMPILED}" "${SCANDIR}"

  completes successfully.

* Running

  s6-svscan -- "${SCANDIR}"

  succeeds, with two s6-supervise processes created.

* HOWEVER, running

  s6-rc-init -c "${S6RC_COMPILED}" -l "${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/s6-rc"

  fails, with the error message:

  unable to supervise service directories in
  /run/user/1000/s6-rc/servicedirs: File exists

i've taken a look at s6rc_livedir_create.c:


but nothing is leaping out to me as explaining what's happening.



[a] The current s6 and s6-rc pages on the wiki have lot of detail,
without any "quickstart" tutorials that might make it easy for
people to get on board. A while ago i did a big restructure of the
s6 article:


which i feel improves the current page:


but which has been awaiting review by a more senior wiki editor
than me.

The s6-rc page is similarly detailed and similarly lacking a


[b] Various people are providing s6 service definitions,
e.g. https://codeberg.org/alecStewart1/gentoo-s6-scripts, but i'm
currently aware of any providing s6-rc service definitions -
pointers welcome. :-)
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