Re: OpenVPN runit service flooding tty

From: Jan Braun <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2023 08:29:25 +0100

Laurent Bercot schrob:
> IIRC, 1. is intrinsic to runit, there is no way to redirect the default
> logging, [...]

There is: the default logging simply goes to runsvdir's stdout. You can
connect that in /etc/runit/2 to wherever you like.

> a runit service should use the runit logging facility. That is something
> you should report and suggest to the maintainer of the openvpn service
> in Artix.

I couldn't test easily whether openvpn logs to stdout or stderr, but
that's a common pitfall: runit expects logging output on stdout. Thus
a <servicename>/run file should usually include a "exec 2>&1" line to
ensure logs actually go to the log service.


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