Re: [announce] November 2023 release

From: Alexis <>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2023 14:10:01 +1100

An mdoc(7) port of the docs for tipidee is available:

i hope to start work on updates to the other skaware man page
ports in the coming days.

"Laurent Bercot" <> writes:

> New versions of all the packages are available.
> This is a big one, fixing a lot of small bugs, optimizing a lot
> behind
> the scenes, adding some functionality. Some major version bumps
> were
> necessary, which means compatibility with previous versions is
> not
> guaranteed; updating the whole stack is strongly recommended.
> Also, tipidee is out! If you've been looking for a small
> inetd-like
> Web server that is still standards-compliant and fast, you
> should
> definitely check it out.
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