Re: Trouble starting services on boot with s6-rc

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 14:58:18 +0000

>I am a bit ashamed to admit I cannot find the logs. From reading I thought maybe I should be looking for file /run/uncaught-logs but could not find any such file in my docker instance(I understand, docker is not Gentoo).

  By default, s6-overlay containers don't have a catch-all logger, so
all the logs fall through to the container's stdout/stderr.
  You can have an in-container catch-all logger that logs to
/run/uncaught-logs if you define S6_LOGGING to 1 or 2.

>While the docs did speak a lot to the directory structure used by s6, I still am finding it quite hard to figure out what the default directories are for some things. (e.g. I was clear on where my uncompiled s6-rc service directories should go but they seemed to "magically" get complied on boot and show up in a scan_dir)

  That's a thing with s6, and even s6-rc: it does not define policies,
only mechanism. In other words: it lets you place things wherever you
there's no default.
  Of course, higher-level software that uses the s6 bricks needs to
policies in order to get things done; that's why s6-overlay is a set of
scripts putting directories in certain places and calling s6 binaries
with certain arguments and options.
  s6-overlay uses s6-rc-compile under the hood, so it compiles your
database for you at boot time, to keep things as simple as possible
though it's not the optimal way of doing it).

>One additional item. As seems like not a great idea to smash the timeout for all services. Is there any way to adjust it on a per service basis? If not
>consider me a +1 to kindly add it to a wishlist somewhere.

  You can define timeout-up and timeout-down files in your s6-rc source
definition directories, they do just that. :)

>n.b. You should put up a BTC lightning "tip bucket" somewhere :)

  Thank you. Please see this Twitter thread:

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