Re: Be prepared for the fall of systemd

From: Jan Bramkamp <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2022 12:59:24 +0200

On 04.08.22 11:09, Tanuj Bagaria wrote:
> What do we as a community need to do
> to get S6 into a "corporate friendly" state?
> What can I do to help?
> Here are some ideas:
> - easier access to the VCS (git, pijul, etc)

I would not (yet) consider pijul common and stable enough to count
toward that goal. I would recommend we accept that git is the
established default VCS for *nix software development for the
foreseeable future.

Each skaware software project has:

   * Its own git repository at$project (with plaintext
read-only access at git://$project as well)

   * A GitHub mirror are at$project.

A list of the existing projects is hosted at

> - Issue tracking system
The the per project mirror GitHub issue trackers aren't disabled and
used occasionally, but their use is discouraged [1] (at least for
support). Unless someone has a better idea I would recommend using them
at least for bug tracking. Here the biggest problem I expect is a drain
on Laurent Bercot's time and the biggest help would be for someone to
moderate and classify the reports to save preserve developer time. A
useful moderator would have to know their technical limitations (when to
bump an issue to a developer for further analysis), engage with human
users so the project feels "alive" for lack of a better word, help
reporters improve their issues to they point they become actionable, tag
and assign the issues correctly. Such a post  would require dedication
and perseverance in the face or repetitive, thankless work. It would
neither require a deep understanding of the implementation nor are most
developers a good fit it. It requires its own skillset.
> - CI/CD build chain (being careful not to make it too painful to use)
Running post-commit s6 and s6-rc regression tests (that don't exist to
the best of my knowledge) on several platforms would be enough for cover
most of it.
> - "idiot proof" website

The website is idiot proof in the sense that idiots bounce of it without
wasting anyone's time, but their own. It also provides a reference/man
page style documentation with a few pages explaining one concepts that
could be collected to be easier to discover.

> - quick start / getting started guide
> - easier access (better?) Documentation

That's exactly what missing in my opinion: an introduction/tutorial
style documentation to bring down the *very* steep learning curve. It
should further explain how the concepts fit together back-referencing
how they've already been applied in the tutorials.

Enough mechanisms are in place in s6 and s6-rc implement most (sane)
policies. The big missing quality of life feature is a safe frontend
making dynamic reconfiguration easier. This feature is work in progress
[2] and development can probably be accelerated a great deal by throwing
enough money at Laurent Bercot enabling him to dedicate more of his time
to completing it [3].



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