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From: Vincent de RIBOU via supervision <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2016 13:32:10 +0000 (UTC)

Thanks for the quick answer
This way can only be performed offline.Is it possible to perform the same mechanism but having concatenated file along all the others at all times ?
 Vincent de RIBOU région Ouest - France

    Le Vendredi 3 juin 2016 15h22, Laurent Bercot <> a écrit :

 On 03/06/2016 14:53, Vincent de RIBOU via supervision wrote:
>  what I am looking for is the way to get all
> processes outputs done by s6-log (or other loggers) to a unique
> file.

  I'm not sure what you want exactly, could you please elaborate?
  If what you need is to combine the contents of several log directories
into one single file, it's easy:

  - make sure your log files are all timestamped with the same format
(i.e. all TAI64N or all ISO 8601).
  - concatenate them all and sort the result.
  The resulting file will be a log file sorted chronologically.

for logdir in `cat logdir_list` ; do (cd $logdir && cat *.s *.u current) ; done | sort > logfile

  It's generally much easier to gather than to scatter, which is why the
logging chain model is superior to the syslogd model.
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