system-control unload-when-stopped (was: nosh version 1.23)

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2016 16:17:05 -0300


2016-01-03 16:19 GMT-03:00 Jonathan de Boyne Pollard:
> Guillermo:
>> It seems that the 'unload-when-stopped' and 'version' subcommands of
>> system-control are not mentioned in the documentation.
> They both should be. I've added the latter to the doco ready for the next
> version. The former I'm wavering about. I've had a to-do item for some
> time to turn that into "service-control --exit" (a.k.a. "svc -x"), changing
> it to use the supervise/control API instead of the service manager's control
> socket. The service manager would do the same thing. Just the API and the
> control utilities would change. The problems are (a) I haven't got around
> to that part of the to-do list yet and (b) the upgrade path is a little
> tricky and I think would involve more than one release.

This hasn't happened yet (version 1.27), which in itself wouldn't
really be a problem... except that The Nosh Guide (sort of) claims it
did :)

To be concrete, system-control's documentation says that
'system-control unload-when-stopped' chains to 'service-control
--exit', but service-control's documentation says it has no --exit
option, which is true ('service-control: FATAL: --exit: unrecognized
option'). And as a consequence, the Guide ends up never actually
explaining what the unload-when-stopped subcommand does (AFAICS, make
service-manager unload the named service after its 'stop' file
finishes executing, whatever the reason for running it was, so that a
subsequent service-status on the service's directory says that no
supervisor is running).

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