supervision-scripts 2015-07

From: Avery Payne <>
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 17:02:37 -0700

Were vacations really meant to be a vacation, or just "time to fix
things that you haven't had time for"?

  - - - -

+ New definitions: x2gobroker-authservice, x2gobroker-daemon.

+ Renamed the definition directory from /sv to /svcdef (service
definitions). This fixes a namespace issue where /sv could collide with
existing runit definitions. It also prepares the project for better
integration into anopa, rc-s6, and other "state management" frameworks
by allowing definitions to be kept separate from the runtime
directories. For simple installations, you can still just link /service
to /etc/svcdef and get away with it if you like. However, the plan also
allows a copy from a read-only filesystem (/svcdef) to a ramdisk
(/etc/livedef), useful for embedded devices, "thin" provisioning,
"shared definitions" on a network, etc. as long as you copy the support
directories with it (.bin, .run, .log, .finish).

+ Moved peer-level dependency startup into a separate script.

+ Fixed a bug for mapping s6-setsid.

In Progress:
  - - - - - - -

+ Preliminary support for FIFO files. This is basically the same
concepts from the state directory setup applied to a FIFO file when needed.

+ Definitions: clamd.

To Do:
  - - - -

+ Finish integrating an old patch that removes the need for awk and
replaces it with cut.

+ Everything else from last month. Ugh.
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