RE: anopa: init system/service manager built around s6

From: James Powell <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 23:25:06 +0000

> Yes, yes, YES!!!
> 1. Tell me exactly what executable to specify in the init= part of
> the kernel line, in order to init to S6. Including path to that
> executable.

Technically you can boot any init system and have it pass off to s6, however, if you are using s6 directly as your init, currently you have to hand craft an executable script to handle the init functions of stage 1 using execline to parse everything correctly, to pass off to stage-2 for startup of the system and daemons.

> 2. Tell me how to compile the executable that is the answer to
> question 1.

There is nothing to compile for init.

> 3. Tell me where to put the executable that is the answer to
> question 1. In this age of symlinks between /bin and /usr/bin, this
> is not always a simple question.

The executable script basically is stage-1 which resides at /etc/s6/stage-1 and is symlinked to /sbin/init.

> 4. Tell me the other necessary executables I need to compile, and tell
> me how to compile them and where in the directory structure to
> place them.

There's nothing else really to build, but you should look at a handler for init functions like reboot, shutdown, and halt functionality. Pause is another good investment. My project on Github, now mirrored by Avery, has a program set called init-shim. This can be edited to function for any number of supervision programs than require init functions but lack them specifically in-project. The readme provided should explain which exact commands are needed to be edited. By default, the project is geared for Runit, but it can be adapted for s6.

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