Re: Bug in s6 dynamic instances

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2024 22:25:54 +0000

>I think I found a bug in the dynamic instance feature:
>if the "run", "finish", "up" and "down" files in the initial template directory are not made executable, they will never become and s6-supervise will fail to execute them.

  There should be no "up" or "down" file in the template directory.

>This happens when using s6-instance-maker to create an s6-rc service.
>I consider this a bug, since the same is not true for s6-rc source definitions. Whether those files are executable or not are executable in the source directories does not matter, they always end up executable in the scan directory.

  No, this is on purpose.
  The template directory is a regular s6 service directory, it should
be constructed exactly like one - so, with run and finish scripts that
are already executable. It's not meant to be supervised directly, but
it's meant to be an exact service directory to be copied and instanced
via environment variables.

  An s6-rc source definition directory is not a service directory, you
cannot run an s6-supervise program on it. It is explicitly meant to be
processed by s6-rc-compile and nothing else; so, no file in a source
definition directory requires an executable bit.

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