[announce] skarnet.org June 2024 update

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2024 14:27:11 +0000


  New versions of some skarnet.org packages are available. This is a
light update, focused on quality of life, improved support
for old platforms, and in preparation for larger updates later. The
exception is a breaking change to s6, which adds support for addressing
a service's process group - useful e.g. if you want to kill straggler
processes when the service dies and you're not using cgroups.

skalibs- (minor)
execline- (minor)
s6- (major)
s6-rc- (release)
s6-dns- (release)
s6-networking- (release)
mdevd- (release)
smtpd-starttls-proxy- (release)
tipidee- (minor)
shibari- (release)

  Details below. If there are no details for a package, the release
only contains bugfixes and/or code cleanups.

  * skalibs-

  This version underlies all the changes in the other packages. It brings
support for the midipix environment and old MacOS versions; it adds
more cspawn functions for improved posix_spawn() use.


  * execline-

  This version adds "elglob -d" for encoding the result of a glob into
a single word. It also adds "importas -S" to import a variable with
the same name as the substitution value, just like the old "import"


  * s6-

  s6-supervise now tracks the service's process group! It is passed to
the finish script as the 4th argument, so finish scripts can kill the
whole process group if the service leaves unwanted children behind.
Note that this isn't completely foolproof: a very badly behaved service
can create children in different process groups. But daemons don't
normally mess with process groups; and any alternative is non-portable.
  While the service is running, s6-svstat -o pgid prints the process
group id, and s6-svc -K can send a SIGKILL to the process group (as
well as -P for SIGSTOP and -C for SIGCONT).

  Additionally, a small bug has been fixed and an arbitrary limit has
been lifted in s6-ftrigrd: a service can now wait on as many fifodirs
as it wants.

  Your supervision trees need to be restarted after you upgrade to the
new version.


  * s6-rc-

  An arbitrary limit has been lifted: the internal fd-holder can now
be autorefilled with as many pipes as it can hold.


  * s6-dns-

  Refactor of some APIs to allow for dns-0x20 implementation, which is
useful for interoperating with recent versions of Unbound and
similarly paranoid software.


  * tipidee-

  tipidee.conf now accepts "" as an extension indicator for the
content-type directive, which allows the user to specify a default
Content-Type for files without an extension (previously, the
application/octet-stream default was not overridable).


  * shibari-

  shibari now implements dns-0x20, which means the latest Unbound
resolvers won't fail when querying it.


  Bug-reports welcome.

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