Re: defines varname { [values]... } prog...

From: Carlos Eduardo <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2024 13:19:12 -0300

(Resending to the mailing list, because "Reply to All" is not the
default option in Gmail's UI).

The goal isn't to prevent cmdB from seeing "${foo}" at all; it's to
prevent the 'multisubstitute' from replacing "$foo" in the second
instance of $cfiles, making it possible for each program operate on a
different set of files.

If we have a "${foo}.c" file in the directory, we'd like for both the
block inside backtick FOO { cmdA ... } and cmdB to operate on it.
Without "defines" (or some other way to protect the result of elglob
from the substitution mechanism — in the previous message, I suggested
storing it as a netstring in the environment), cmdA may operate on
"${foo}.c" and cmdB, on something like "operation successful.c".

#!/bin/execlineb -P
# pretend the two next commands are elglob
define thearr "a.c ${foo}.c"
define -sd " " files $thearr
backtick FOO { echo $files }
    importas foo FOO
    foreground { echo 1 }
    forx -E f { $files } s6-quote $f
multisubstitute {
    importas foo FOO
    # pretend the next command is defines
    define -sd " " newfiles $thearr
foreground { echo 2 }
forx -E f { $newfiles } s6-quote $f
"a.c ${foo}.c.c"
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