Re: [PATCH] Fix possible SIGSEGV on too many ftrigr listeners

From: Carlos Eduardo <>
Date: Sun, 5 May 2024 14:59:33 -0300

Maybe something like Zig's SegmentedList[1] would fit?


Em dom., 5 de mai. de 2024 às 14:52, Laurent Bercot
<> escreveu:
> >If a single s6-ftrigrd is requested to listen on many listeners, the
> >genalloc_readyplus may have to move the ftrigio's to a new memory area,
> >causing the char* inside their buffer to get outdated, overwriting
> >unrelated memory areas when filling the buffers and possibly triggering
> You're right that this needs to be fixed but I don't like the
> solution. I never was a fan of updating b.c.x in the first place; I was
> okay with this hack as long as it was easy to keep the buffer and the
> pointer to the buffer in sync, but since reallocations are now
> unpredictable I'll find another way of doing it.
> Thanks for the report.
> --
> Laurent
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