Re: [PATCH] Add adoption to trap

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 04 May 2024 21:05:21 +0000

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From "Carlos Eduardo" <>
Cc "Carlos Eduardo" <>
Date 2024-05-04 21:58:21
Subject [PATCH] Add adoption to trap

>With this patch, trap(1) is able to accept an existing PID as prog...,
>if given the new -P option.
>I'm sending this as patch because the only scenario where this does
>something that isn't feasible with execline's current wait(1) command or
>the original interface to trap is if you use Linux or Free/DragonFly BSD's
>subreaper functionality to reuse trap as a turbo-fghack that forwards
>signals and tracks the exit code of the forked-off daemon instead of
>the short-lived daemonizer.

  Is there a reason why you're sending your s6 reports to the skaware ML
and your execline patches to the supervision one? 🤨

  I'm not going to apply that patch, because as you said, it does not
makes sense outside of subreapers, and I consider subreapers harmful
(outside of a new pid namespace, which requires other kernel work and
surrounding setup so it's a special case anyway, there's nothing
significant that can be achieved with them that cannot be achieved
without them; they're not portable and they make process hierarchy more
confusing, so the trade-off is negative).

  People who are going to mess around with subreapers and SIGCHLD
redirection hacks are more than capable of building their own stuff to
work with it without involving execline's trap.

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