Re: Update: rpm package for utmps, skalibs.

From: Guillaume Perréal <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2024 07:14:44 +0200


In some distributions, /run is a tmpfs so its content is lost on
shutdown/reboot. If this is the case here, does it make sense to alter
its content on pre-install/post-uninstall phases ? (Or have I
misunderstood something ?)

Le 10/04/2024 à 04:58, a écrit :
> About s6-svscanboot, I tried the following solution:
> 1. The only remain part is creating scandir (here is /run/service) at the pre-install phase.
> 2. Don’t create ./.s6-svscan directory, according to s6 doc:
> "If the ./.s6-svscan control directory does not exist, s6-svscan creates it. “
> 3. Don’t provide .s6-svscan/finish and .s6-svscan/crash script. The finish script
> Is related for catch-all logger, so it’s removed. Do we need to keep the crash link?
> 4. There is no s6-svscan-log directory for rpm package. We don’t need it for rpm package.
> 5. Finally s6-svscan -- /run/service started without any warning or error, how can I make sure
> s6-svscan started correctly when s6-svscan output nothing?
> 6. Clean scandir (rm -rf /run/service) at the post uninstall phase.
> Wang
>> On Apr 9, 2024, at 07:24, Laurent Bercot <> wrote:
>> As I said in a previous mail: you probably want to throw out everything
>> that isn't the original sources, and make a fresh start. This includes
>> throwing out s6-svscanboot, which sets up a catch-all logger because
>> sysvinit/busybox init + openrc doesn't provide one. Since systemd has its
>> own catch-all logger, you don't need s6-svscanboot.
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