Re: Update: rpm package for utmps, skalibs.

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2024 23:24:57 +0000

>I notice s6-svscanboot is the start script for s6-svscan. I am not an execline expert, but I can see that s6-svscanboot prepare log directories and start s6-svscan. If systemd provides log service for s6-svscan. Do we need s6-svscanboot for rpm package?

  No, you don't.
  As I said in a previous mail: you probably want to throw out everything
that isn't the original sources, and make a fresh start. This includes
throwing out s6-svscanboot, which sets up a catch-all logger because
sysvinit/busybox init + openrc doesn't provide one. Since systemd has
own catch-all logger, you don't need s6-svscanboot.

>The next question is about s6.pre-install, s6.pre-upgrade script. they do the same thing (setup catchlog user/group), why we need s6.pre-upgrade script if the previous installation already setup the catchlog user/group?

  As Hoël said, it's a legacy script, for very old installations that
to upgrade. It could probably be removed. In any case, in a new rpm, you
don't need it. And since you're not setting up a catch-all logger, you
don't need a user for it either, so you can do away with the install
scripts entirely.

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