tipidee/s6-tlsserver crash with tls launch

From: Vincent de RIBOU <vins_bozo_at_yahoo.fr>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2023 17:05:00 +0000 (UTC)

Hi all,
I tried since few days to use tipidee and learn about it.I will try to add websocket feature with my own implementation (forget about it for this message)
Success to use tipidee with regular port 80 (in fact 8080).cmdline was s6-envuidgid www-data s6-tcpserver -- 8080 s6-tcpserver-access -- tipideed -d $PWD/opt/docroot/ -f $PWD/opt/tipidee.conf.cdb

Unfortunately always crash with TLS 443 port (in fact 8043).cmdline was s6-envuidgid www-data env KEYFILE=$PWD/certs/fd.key CERTFILE=$PWD/certs/fd.crt s6-tlsserver -- 8043 tipidee -d $PWD/opt/docroot/ -f $PWD/opt/tipidee.conf.cdb

In that situation it produces a SIGSEGV during s6-tlsd-io execution.In attachment 2 strace log outputs (pid 14138 for the caller of s6-tlsd-io, pid 14141 for s6-tlsd-io itself).
Why this s6-tlsd-io is always crashing (some credential/Id's)?
Many thanks to tell me why is the problem.Regards,
Vincent de RIBOU région Ouest - France belzo2005-dolphin_at_yahoo.fr
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