Re: s6-svstat up, down and ready time not correct after system timestamp update.

From: Guillaume Perréal <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2023 14:42:17 +0200


Le 2023-07-18 à 22 h 35, Laurent Bercot a écrit :
>> I am setuping s6 for managing services on mine Linux embedded system.
>> Everything is fine. But I faced issue related to system datetime change.
>> My system does not have RTC, but it has GNSS module (managed by gpsd).
>> After GNSS get the location and time chronyd service update system time.
>  And there's your problem: you cannot rely on timestamp data across
> system clock changes, so any service you would need accurate timestamp
> data for would need to be started *after* chronyd first updates your
> system clock.
This can be even worse than that: the timestamp from a GPS source can
take several tens of seconds to stabilize, depending on the accuracy of
your GPS system and available satellites. Until then, the system date
can jump back and forth around the actual time.

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