Re: [announce] April 2023 bugfix release

From: Alexis <>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2023 14:32:12 +1000

"Laurent Bercot" <> writes:

> skalibs- (release)
> execline- (minor)
> s6- (release)
> s6-linux-init- (minor)
> s6-portable-utils- (release)

The execline-man-pages repo has now been updated:

There were no doc changes in s6 and s6-portable-utils, but new
tags have been created in their related -man-pages repos to
indicate which version they're up-to-date with:
s6-portable-utils-man-pages is the first -man-pages repo to be
moved to The plan is to move the remaining three repos
during the coming fortnight, with s6-networking-man-pages the next
in line.

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