[PATCH] Multicall improvements didn't improve trap

From: Eugen Wissner <belka_at_caraus.de>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2023 07:51:15 +0200


execline's trap doesn't seem to work in master. Consider the following

#!/bin/execlineb -P

/home/belka/Projects/execline/trap {
  default {
        echo "Caught"
sh -c "while :; do echo $$; sleep 1; done"

Sending signals to the trap process does nothing. If I revert
9d55d49dad0f4cb90e6ff2f9b1c3bc46a6fcf05f, trap works as expected. After
some debugging I think that the pids array in trap.c contains garbage
since it isn't initialized statically anymore (see the attached patch).

Best regards

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