Re: single-binary for execline programs?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2023 19:34:16 +0000

>allow you to link against a dynamic libexecline. Can you do it, see
>how much space you gain? That's a configuration I would definitely
>support, even if it's slower - people usually love shared libraries.

  I'm tired. This configuration is obviously already supported, and no
need to patch. You just need to ./configure --disable-allstatic.

  Compared to fully static binaries with musl, a fully static multicall
is a size gain of 87%. Compared to fully dynamic binaries, it's a gain
of 69%. Still impressive.

  A fully dynamic multicall binary is only 80 kB on x86_64, but it's
a pretty stupid configuration because it's the only user of libexecline
so nothing is gained by sharing it. There still may be a case for
sharing libskarnet; but toolchains make it so difficult to link against
some libraries statically and some others dynamically that supporting
that configuration is just not worth it.

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