Re: Core dump of crashing service program

From: Alexis <>
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 22:34:40 +1000

Liviu Nicoara <> writes:

> It's actually pretty cool. It is a oneshot service that runs all
> sysctl settings in /etc/sysctl.d. System is
> artix.

Ah okay. i'm on Gentoo, using OpenRC (but still hoping to move to
using s6 eventually, as i used to do on Void, once i find enough
tuits ...), and there's a 'sysctl' service run by in the 'boot'

> Quite the opposite, I want coredumps, esp. those originating in
> crashing services (e.g., the display
> manager I am tinkering with, launched via a service).

Oh, yes, sorry, i misread your earlier post.

Well, as far as i can tell, on my system the default ulimit is
specified via /etc/login.defs; i presume the fact that the line

    #ULIMIT 2097152

is commented out is what results in my system's default ulimit
being 'unlimited'.

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