Re: Core dump of crashing service program

From: Alexis <>
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 09:58:38 +1000

Liviu Nicoara <> writes:

> AFAICT, the sysctl service (which starts after
> s6-svscan) can configure only one parameter, core_pattern, with
> which
> I can
> only set a location. That is good but not enough. The needed
> ulimit
> invocation wherever I put it comes in later by which time
> s6-svscan is
> already launched with a core size of 0. So, I used a bigger
> hammer by
> altering the s6-supervise process' core ulimit and that gave me
> the
> core,
> found the bug, etc. Yaay.

i'm not sure why there's a sysctl service on your system, but
initial kernel parameters such as kernel.core_pattern should be
able to be set via the sysctl.conf file, as well as (at least for
Linux kernels) via the kernel command line.

Regarding your particular situation, if the reason you're wanting
a core size of 0 is to avoid core dumps getting created, you could
try specifying /dev/null as the file for kernel.core_pattern:


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