Re: Core dump of crashing service program

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2022 17:04:03 +0000

>Hi, I am working on a service and a part of this work is investigating a
>crash that occurs only when the service program is launched via exec from
>the service run script. My initial thought was to inspect the coredump but
>none is created although I have verified that both my user and root can
>create coredumps.
>Are coredumps ever created from crashing services under s6? I have a
>feeling that I am missing some s6 paradigm here. Thanks for any help.

  - By default, s6 services are started with their cwd set in the
service directory. Check there, you may have a coredump.

  - Depending on how and when you start the supervision tree, the run
scripts may not be inheriting the core dump settings that you have when
you log in. A supervision tree will inherit boot time settings, which
may or may not have been modified yet in the boot sequence depending on
when you start s6-svscan, and all the services will start with the
environment they inherit from s6-svscan. Check your boot scripts for
the place where your core dump parameters are set (typically a sysctl

  Good luck,

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