[skaware] non privileged user oneshots/services launched by root not requiring the user to login 1st (like systemd @user ones) support

From: Javier <je-vv_at_e.email>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 18:17:52 -0600

Hello !

I use s6 on artix gnu+linux, and I think I'm missing support for oneshots/services like the systemd @user ones. Those are still launched automatically when the system (not the user) starts. Using *s6-setuidgid* doesn't work for some scenarios, like automatically launching a screen session running rtorrent for a particular user. I might also be interesting on launching some other oneshots/services, without the requirement to login 1st as that particular user, to make the system sort of work automatically as headless (even though it can be interactively used by those users eventually).


> s6-rc-bundle-update add <bundle> <oneshot|service>@<user>

Might be a way to register for such non privileged users. Of course, underneath, there should be an automatic non interactive login, allowing running the oneshot/service as that user, having access to what the user have access to when it logins, including user directories, and the ability to run sessions such as screen ones...

Hopefully you can consider adding such functionality...

Thanks !

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