s6-tlsserver versus $TCPLOCALPORT

From: Paul Jarc <prj_at_case.edu>
Date: Wed, 06 May 2020 03:14:24 -0400

Hi. I ran into a problem while porting a service from William
Baxter's ucspi-ssl to s6-tlsserver: $TCPLOCALPORT wasn't being set. I
see that you've designed s6-tcpserver-access to handle setting that
variable, but it doesn't work when run under s6-tlsserver, where it
gets a pipe instead of the socket:
s6-tcpserver-access: fatal: unable to socket_local: Socket operation on non-socket

It makes sense to have DNS/ident lookups and access control factored
out into a separate program, but $TCPLOCALIP and $TCPLOCALPORT would
have to be set directly in s6-tcpserver4d and s6-tcpserver6d, wouldn't
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