Re: Porting skalibs to GNU Hurd

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2019 22:56:15 -0300

El jue., 17 oct. 2019 a las 16:51, Laurent Bercot escribió:
> Hurd should return -1 ENXIO,
> unless there is a real problem with the underlying file system - and the
> test your patch comments exists to catch such problems.

…or an error in the underlying operating system. POSIX open() seems
to be implemented directly by the Hurd:

And the call seems to be failing with that special Hurd errno code,
EIEIO, which... is not a good thing :P


"This error code is used for a variety of "hopeless" error conditions.
Most probably you will encounter it when a translator crashes while
you were trying to use a file that it serves."


"_at_errno{EIEIO, 104, Computer bought the farm}
Go home and have a glass of warm, dairy-fresh milk.
_at_c Translators, please do not translate this litteraly, translate it into
_at_c an idiomatic funny way of saying that the computer died."

So, whoever calls s6_supervise_lock_mode() should correctly die, as
there is an actual error (that should be reported to the Hurd
developers); libs6, libskarnet and the libc are just the messengers.
Commenting out the errno check just sweeps the error under the carpet.

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