Re: s6-envuidgid: Weird errors with GNU libc's getgrent() and endgrent()

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2019 05:42:14 +0000

>But it turns out that, with this configuration, __nss_endent() *also*
>wants to call the implementation of endgrent(3) from each of these
>services. And the one from, named _nss_db_endgrent(), is
>just a wrapper around a munmap(2) system call, via an intermediate
>internal_endent() function:

Impressive investigative work, congratulations on having found
the root of the problem! :)

>I have no idea what changed, why this used to work before my upgrade
>of the libc, or why it apparently never failed for anyone else not on

Let this be a reminder for everyone that complexity always, always
has unintended consequences...

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