Re: s6-svscan - controlling terminal semantics and stdin use

From: Casper Ti. Vector <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 01:09:02 +0800

On Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 08:33:18AM -0800, Earl Chew via skaware wrote:
> I do not think that my suggestion of placing the children of s6-svscan in a
> separate process group from s6-svscan itself changes any of these
> objectives. Each service would continue to apply its own session leader role
> by default, and explicit requests to tear down the supervision tree and the
> supervised processes should do just that.

Perhaps this would achieve what you want:
# mv /path/to/s6-supervise /path/to/s6-supervise.bin
# > /path/to/s6-supervise printf \
      '#!/bin/sh\nexec /path/to/setsid /path/to/s6-supervise.bin $_at_\n'
(Similar tricks have been used to endow /path/to/s6-supervise with other
"capabilities" without really modify the source code; also note that the
shell would introduce additional variables into the environment, so you
can also consider using execline.)

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